Sage and his wife, Sara.Sage is a North County community leader with a passion for bringing conservative values and effective reform into every level of local government.

As a candidate for the Carlsbad School Board in 2014, Sage exposed real corruption within the board when calling out Kelli Moors vote to approve a contract with a law firm, and suddenly resigning from the board twelve days later to take a job with the same firm. The San Diego Union Tribune investigated, alongside the California Fair Political Practices Commission, and it was found that Miss Moors accepted the job offer twenty-four hours before casting the vote. She was fined $4,000.

From the San Diego Union Tribune:

The issue over Moors’ vote was first raised by Sage Naumann, an 18-year-old who is running for the Carlsbad school board in 2014. Naumann sent an email to supporters that said Moors’ vote should raise red flags.

“Whether or not laws were broken, the trust of the people of Carlsbad was broken,” Naumann wrote.

Naumann said Wednesday he was careful to not accuse Moors of breaking any laws, but if that was the case he hopes authorities will investigate. He also hopes the issue will prompt residents to pay more attention to the school board’s affairs.

“It is necessary that people start paying attention to what is going on in their district, and an issue like this can raise that awareness,” Naumann said. “This is not an incident we want repeated with future elected board members.”

As a community activist, Sage has attended dozens of school board and city council meetings, speaking in favor of transparency reform, fiscal restraint, and common-sense governance. In 2014, Sage's bid for the Carlsbad School Board garnered over 6,400 votes, falling just 372 votes short of defeating a Democrat incumbent.

Sage is also currently a board member of the Carlsbad Fire Department Foundation, assisting in providing scholarships to the children of firefighters, alongside assisting in providing equipment and training where public funding falls short. He is also a board member with the North County Republican Coalition and an Associate Delegate to the California Republican Party.

Professionally, Sage is currently the Digital Director with the Republican Party of San Diego County, handling all matters pertaining to social media, graphic design, 309213_4252076336321_2032421330_nand web management, alongside operating his own business, Naumann Consulting, which specialized in web consulting for other small businesses and local Republican candidates for office. Sage has spent the entirety of his career in the I.T., marketing, and web consulting industry exercising his expertise with computer technology, social media, and graphic design.

One of Sage's greatest sources of inspiration is his brother, Dylan, who was born with cerebral palsy. Through personal experience with different special education programs in different districts, Sage has continually advocated for the rights and resources for those who are special needs at every level of government.

Sage is happily married to his wife, Sara, and resides in Carlsbad.

Sage with Grover Norquist,
Founder, Americans for Tax Reform
Sage with Carly Fiorina,
former President & CEO of HP
Sage with Mike Lee,
Republican Senator from Utah
Sage with Ted Cruz,
Republican Senator from Texas