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Sage Naumann

Labeled a “useful idiot” by some and “a rising star” by others, Sage Naumann is a Colorado-based political professional, graphic designer, amateur film photographer, web consultant, cigar aficionado, vaper, and conservative commentator. Raised in Carlsbad, California, Sage, his wife Sara, and their cat Groucho, moved to Colorado where Sage works in the Colorado State Capitol as the Communications Director for the Colorado Senate Republicans. Sage also operates Naumann Consulting, a digital design, advertising, and strategy firm.

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OPINION: Governor Polis Ignored Red Flags in Signing Red Flag Bill

Published in the Pagosa Daily Post on April 17, 2019. It’s only appropriate that the recently-signed House Bill 1177 has been dubbed the “Red Flag” bill after over 35 Colorado counties and dozens of Colorado sheriffs have come out against the legislation for both...

The Dinner Table: An Observation of American Discourse

Recent days have revealed very little about the direction our nation is heading in regards to firearms. Despite the mainstream media having their armory of reporters focused on guns and every Twitter activist wearing down their keyboards in 280-character diatribes...