As a member of the Central Committee, it will be a priority of mine to ensure that quality candidates are recruited to help restore a Republican majority to the Oceanside and Encinitas City Councils. 


When Republicans are pitted against each other, Democrats win. I want to ensure that our Party can stand together at the end of the day, and I'll work hard to promote a united astmosphere when representing the 76th Assembly District.


Liberty is at the heart of the Republican Party. As a member of the central committee, I will be devoted to supporting candidates who support reducing the size of government and promoting economic and personal liberty.

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Today, our nation finds itself at a crossroads. Our Republic stands marred by a continual assault on the ideals that made this nation a shining city upon a hill for so many, and our ideals have been subdued and dismissed as being obsolete and not with the times. Millennials have turned towards failed philosophies of the past, now heralded by politicians who lack a basic understanding of economic science and the market system. Those who were once raised on the ideas of personal responsibility now stand confused and worried as the future generations, inheriting this nation, cling to an unjustified sense of entitlement, and a ferocious state of naivety and ignorance to history, and what lies at the end of the road they are eager to take.

American values are not obsolete. The free market, liberty, and freedom do not have an expiration date. In order for our nation – our party – to again bury the idea that government is the answer to all of our issues, we must rebrand our party, review our strategy, and reignite the fire that burns in this nation’s heart.

I’m running to represent the 76th Assembly District on the Central Committee of the Republican Party of San Diego County because our values are worth fighting for, and I hope to earn your support.


Sage Naumann