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Sage Naumann

Labeled a “useful idiot” by some and “a rising star” by others, Sage Naumann is a Colorado-based political professional, graphic designer, amateur film photographer, web consultant, cigar aficionado, vaper, and conservative commentator. Raised in Carlsbad, California, Sage, his wife Sara, and their cat Groucho, moved to Colorado where Sage works in the Colorado State Capitol as the Communications Director for the Colorado Senate Republicans. Sage also operates Naumann Consulting, a digital design, advertising, and strategy firm.

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THE PODIUM | GOP’s slowdown saved Colorado from some bad policy

Rampant with quixotic legislation, procedural gamesmanship, long-winded attorneys, and blizzard buffoonery, this past session of the Colorado General Assembly would have been quite entertaining if not so potentially devastating. As Democrats in the legislature take a victory lap — claiming …

Guest Post: Who fought for teacher pay during the 2019 session?

If you think back to April of 2018, you may remember a sea of red-shirt-clad teachers, armed with creative signage and megaphones, storming the state Capitol to demand an increase in their salaries. They lobbied lawmakers, sat in the hallways, …