A Letter From Sage


As Carlsbad Unified School District goes through some difficult times, our children feel the devastating effects. Stress is apparent in the teachers, necessary materials are not being provided, class sizes soaring to over 40. There are sacrifices being made that we never wanted to consider.

I wish I could come to you with confidence in our current school board, but the truth is that the current leadership hasn’t taken the lead when it comes to making tough decisions that help preserve Carlsbad’s excellent education system. We constantly have to increase classroom sizes, relinquish department budgets, and punish the students while we open unnecessary schools, refuse to close underpopulated ones, and push forth an agenda of fiscal irresponsibility.

It’s time for a paradigm shift. It’s time we begin to think outside the box and get things done. Last election was the first time that two of the incumbents had faced a challenger in over a decade. The people of Carlsbad need and deserve more choice.

I offer a fresh, youthful perspective to many of the district’s issues, and my career in the informations technologies field has given me an outstanding opportunity to see the learning potential of technology in the classrooms. I understand the value of maintaining a balanced budget and ensuring that we will remain sustainable for years in the future. I understand that we cannot rely on empty promises from our state government. It’s up to us to fix these issues.

I hope you’ll join me on this exciting journey. I can’t wait to make history with you and help preserve our wonderful education system for years to come. Please remember to stay connected to my campaign.